“ A chiropractor adjusts the spine, introducing a gentle force which the body will use to move a subluxated vertebrae (misaligned spinal bone that is interfering with the nerve system) back into the direction it should go”


Joseph B. Strauss published the above statement in his text, Conflicts of Philosophies. This short yet accurate statement sums up the simpleness involved in chiropractic care.

Being new to chiropractic, it was a very unique experience. Over the past couple of months I have learnt the basis of chiropractic care and how our body can change and adapt once care has started. Chiropractic focuses on the relationship between the spine and nervous system to help restore and maintain normal function of the spine.

What interested me the most about chiropractic was once the subluxated bone is back in alignment the bodies intelligence will start the adapting and healing process. This process being different in everyone. It amazes me that someone’s blood pressure can drop, digestion, cramps, liver function, motor and sensory functions can all improve or normalise just because a bone was interfering with a nerve. Even sometimes without us even knowing it.

A body would not be able to function as best it possibly could if there is a bone interfering the nerves pathway. In a way it’s similar to playing Football, if a defence is standing in front of you, you will not be able to run through them because they are interfering your pathway towards getting a try or a goal.

I believe from my understanding that everyone’s body is able to benefit from chiropractic care and should be incorporated into our everyday lives.

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