If I brush my arm, 50 000 skin cells fall off and die.  There are four logical responses that can occur.  Option one, only 25 000 new cells are created to replace them, meaning a loss, I have atrophy.  Option two, 100 000 new cells are created, meaning growth, I have hypertrophy.  Option three, 1 000 000 new cells are created to replace them, meaning chaos, I have a tumour.  Option four, the exact same amount, 50 000 new cells are created to replace the ones I’ve lost.

This process of renewal is not just pertinent to the skin.  This cycle is happening EVERY day to your heart cells, lung cells, liver, kidney, spleen, immune system, fingers, toes, bones and the list goes on.  EVERY day, on average, 222 billion to 242 billion new cells are created in the body to replace sick or dying cells.

If your body is doing anything other than option four, it’s most likely not functioning correctly.  If your body is not functioning correctly, dys-function is the ONLY result.  If your body is creating 222 to 242 billion cells EVERY day in the wrong order, the wrong amount, the wrong location, what would happen if this was allowed to continue for a week?  What would happen in a month?  What would happen in a year?  What would THIS do to your ability to work, to provide for YOU or your family?  Would your hormones be balanced, your energy levels at maximum?  Would it be harder to play with the grandkids or kick the soccer ball around the park?  How WELL would you be?

No human EVER has been responsible for this process, even in our own body.  We guess, based on averages, but we CANNOT create new cells in our own body, or dictate the process.  WE do not give enough credit to whatever or whoever is doing THIS.

Everybody knows your brain controls your body, through your spine and Nerve System.  Thick nerve trunks branch off from your spinal cord, carrying signals from brain out to the organs, tissue or body and bringing information back in a perfect, closed feedback loop.  This is ULTIMATELY responsible for the process described.

The vertebrae (bones of your spine) surround your spinal cord, protecting where the nerve roots attach.  They are directly responsible for protecting this delicate nerve tissue and the information they convey.  It is NOT conceivable, with the amount of opportunity to do so, from birth trauma, stumbling and tripping as children, to concussions and chronic poor work posture that these vertebrae cannot subluxate, misalign, become twisted or slip out of place over a person’s lifetime.

The only plausible result, is an INTERFERENCE on some level, to the functioning of this nerve tissue, its structure, and the information it’s carrying or receiving from brain to body.

Chiropractors are the ONLY profession that dedicate their training to analyse, detect and specifically adjust these Vertebral Subluxations.  Not to make you superman or superwoman, but to ensure the 222 to 242 billion cells YOUR body is making every day, have a better chance to be replaced correctly.  A body with a GOOD nerve supply, HAS to work better than a body with a POOR nerve supply.  What IMPACT would this then have on your HEALTH?  Your hormones, your stress levels?  Your energy levels, the strength of your IMMUNE system, how WELL you feel?

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