‘There is only one solution – get down from the head and into the heart’ – Vasant Lad

The word ‘yoga’ means to yoke – which means to join, integrate or unite. Yoga helps to bring together the aspects of ourselves (physical body, energy, mind + spirit) that were in fact never divided in the first place. Yoga is an invitational practice that helps to restore our lost wholeness. It is not a religion, yet it is widely and worldly known and accepted. It does not discriminate, it welcomes EVERY BODY! No matter your gender, expression, age, sexual orientation, education level, ability, body composition or background – yoga is for YOU!

It is a beautiful practice that helps to cleanse and purify the nervous system in order to feel revitalised and ‘new’. You may often hear or see students leaving the physical practice of yoga full of bliss and gratitude, which (trust me) really helps to mend a broken mind. Alongside of this, many students are walking out of yoga studios all around the world and stepping quietly into the next chapter of their lives with a strong and healthy mind, a vibrant and happy heart and a clean and purified body. This is helping more and more people in our communities to see all things and people in life with clarity, truth and a beautiful loving awareness.

Yoga has helped me from the very young age of 15 to grow and follow the most natural direction in life which is very supporting and full of joy.

Most of our daily activities and our ‘to-do-lists’ are very much ‘improvement’ based and are quite ‘yang’, causing us to feel the constant rush, pressure and anxiety of living our ‘best life’. Yoga and Meditation practices are known to be more ‘yin’ like, and I am sure you can all agree that we need the softness of yin for us to heal the culturally ingrained imbalances that are so common in our daily, modern lives.

Maybe it’s something to do with the cat/cow movements, or the way we twist to the left and then twist to the right? The reaching up and the bending down. Constantly training the body to move one way, and then to move in the opposite direction. Maybe this is how yoga shapes the heart and the mind? Helping us to understand that every movement has a counter movement and every action in life has an opposing action. Forming the yin and the yang of our existence.. The balance of life!

Most of our population are walking around half asleep (heads down in iphones, aimlessly scrolling through mindless activity), completely unaware that the body wants to heal itself! Our emotional bodies are constantly seeking/screaming for balance yet we are ignoring these signs, these symptoms, these signals. For many of us we feel we need to push and shove ourselves to the point of exhaustion to feel like we are getting somewhere! Sadly, we have been so poorly programmed to believe that the only way to live is to stay in action all of the time. Which is incorrect. Falling ill forces us to come to a complete STOP (and trust me again, I’ve been here many times before). Yoga teaches us to trust in the softness, the letting go.. To trust in the timing and the natural flow.

Unfortunately, when we come across the (unavoidable) times in life that cause us stress and disharmony (you know those tricky things that pop up that are beyond normal human experience).. Majority of our population choose to disconnect or sink 9 beers in hope that the problem will dissipate. We disconnect from society, from our families and from our own hearts.

Yoga is a way to re-connect.

First we connect with our breath…
The quality of our breath is directly related to the quality of our lives. When we learn to control the pace of our breath, we can then control our mind and our emotions.

Secondly we connect with our bodies…
Accepting ourselves just as we are. Allowing ourselves to be in the midst of discomfort whilst navigating our way through a pretzel-like shape in yoga helps us to acknowledge our abilities, our power and tap into our own innate wisdom. In the quiet of yoga and meditation we can create space for our whole being to feel held and safe. Broadening and deepening our awareness with each breath that we are guided to take.

Yoga helps to restore us all to our most healthiest state. A practice that guides YOU to healing your life!!! When we are aligned, everything can flow and life starts to become effortless. When we quieten down, we hear. When we stop, we feel.

Haven’t tried yoga before? Is this foreign talk to you? The most important thing to remember is that practice means that you are learning. Be patient and take your time. We are here to support you at Twine Yoga Studio, Adamstown. From a gentle Restorative or Yin class to a more dynamic Hatha or Vinyasa class. They are all available to you, you just need to get out of your own way and begin.

Twine Yoga Studio is a welcoming studio space that has been created for everyone and anyone who would love to experience the happiness of Yoga and Meditation. A sacred space for you to feel comfortable and at ease, in order to connect to your inner being and access peace through a combination of physical and mental practices. ​Twine offers Yoga classes, Meditation courses, various workshops, Ayurvedic treatments and therapeutic massage – all in aim of enhancing the life of the individual and to build community here in Newcastle. 

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