If you asked people in their 30’s whether they were ready to die, the vast majority would say no.  Most would agree that they simply have so much to live for!  There’s a quality of life in their body and the prospect of more exciting things to come.

With youth comes energy, sure, but why does society appear to believe that making 80 can be a long, hard life?

I’m going to 120!

See I subscribe to the understanding the body was meant to get older, but it was meant to do it in style. Why on earth would I want to check out early if my body was still humming along nicely?  Sure you don’t have to go to 120, you don’t even have to go to 100, but the point I’m asking is whether you believe your body was meant to age gracefully, or fall apart haphazardly?

There’s an Intelligence that runs and coordinates our bodies that we still have very little understanding of.  We have no idea how the body knows to send bone cells when we’ve broken bones and skin cells when we’ve cut our finger, imagine if it got that confused?  With that in mind, why would such an intelligent system hang around for the first 50 years, keeping it all running smoothly, then let chaos break loose for the last 50?

Now whatever your number is, Chiropractors have existed since 1895 to help you enjoy an ideal quality of life during this time.  The intelligence of the body uses the Nerve System to coordinate or control the body, keeping it working as intended.  If this was to be compromised, the damage is widespread and hard to predict.  You only get to keep your teeth for as long as you look after them, the same goes for the rest of the body.

Chiropractic is here for you now, whenever you’re ready to start.

(Disclaimer:  The earlier the better!)

-Tim Linklater

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