Growing apples seems like a straightforward process.  Hard work on the body doing it for a living perhaps, but simple enough.  You find the land, plant the seeds and look after your crops.  The process of growing the apples themselves is entirely out of your hands however.  No human ever has created an apple.  You can’t just take the parts from other trees, stick them together and hope you’ve got a living, breathing tree, let alone an apple.  Nope, we just haven’t figured it out.

So you do your best to create an ideal environment for an apple tree to flourish.  Find the right soil, find the right climate, water and feed the soil and thus, support the growth of the tree.  You’ve got to watch out for bugs and insects constantly looking to take advantage of your hardwork too.  Always on your toes.  Like I said, straightforward enough, but plenty to do.

So as the tree grows, branches sprout and apples start growing.  Now what does the farmer do to ensure these apples turn out just right?  Do they go around and polish each apple?  Are you kidding?!  Imagine the work needed to do that.  If one’s looking sickly, does the farmer look to treat that single apple?  Or do they go back to the tree itself, check its development?  Chances are, if one’s sick, it may be an indicator the tree itself is suffering.  After all, it’s the tree with all the wisdom needed to grow an apple isn’t it? We’ve already agreed we can’t just piece one together.

So what the heck does this have to do with Chiropractic?  Absolutely nothing. Yet.

How does a baby grow?  We all know there’s not a single lab, doctor or scientist in the world that can CREATE a human being.  We’re making inroads into cloning, but a clone is just that, a REFLECTION of what’s already been created.  No, to produce a beautiful, unique, living, breathing human being, we’re as clueless as the next.  We simply sit back and let the wisdom of the body take over.

You let the brain simply control or coordinate how the rest of the body grows, sending its vital information throughout the body via the Nerve System.  Doctor’s don’t go around attaching fingers and toes at the right time.  You can’t go around polishing the fruit, simply support the soil and let the wisdom flourish, creating its masterpiece.

Here’s where Chiropractic comes in.  We believe that every single person on this planet has a purpose, it’s inescapable.  And once that person is married with their purpose, it’s going to create some damn beautiful fruit.  So we check the spine and pelvis.  If there’s any misalignments (subluxations) to that spine, it’ll affect how the Brain coordinates or controls the growth of the body.  Chiropractic stands for the understanding that in order for the fruit to be healthy, the tree needs to be healthy.

So if you’re truly interested in growing good fruit, get you, your family and your friends checked by a Chiropractor.  How do you like them apples??

-Tim Linklater

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