Australian politics is mercilessly mocked internationally.  We’re the country that seems to change leaders quicker than the average person changes the oil in their car.  Regardless of your political inclinations, I’ll make the bold assumption that not one of our leaders is actively trying to destroy the country or our prosperity (if they are well I guess you can stop reading now).  I put it to you that although some of us may not agree with their action plans, they’re still trying to help the country the best way they know how.

Chiropractic can help them do it…better.

Have you ever been tasked with looking after your little nieces or nephews when you’re run down or tired?   Ever tried to do an exam or study for a test when you partied too hard the night before?  Ever had to work on a big project at work when you’re sick with the flu?

How did it go?  Harder or easier?  Could you have performed better if you were in a different state?

Every aspect of how your body works, your laugh, your sleep, cognition, motor skills, mental clarity, development, strength (I can go on), is controlled by your body chemistry.  There’s not a thing your body does, that first, doesn’t require a change in body chemistry.

For you to laugh, your body has to release a certain chemical.  For you to cry, same again.  For you to digest your food, get nutrition for your body, it has to release a certain enzyme (chemical).  For you to fall asleep at night, it has to release the right amount of chemicals, in the right quantity, at the right time.  Borderline and you hear stories from people such as ‘oh I can generally get to sleep at night, as long as I don’t have a coffee’.  Coffee, as a chemical introduced into your body, changes your body chemistry and hence changes how it performs.  Why do you think the Olympics, the Commonwealth Games and various other national and international sporting organisations pay such close attention to the body chemistry of the athletes?  There’s been numerous examples where athletes have attempted to change their body chemistry (anabolic steroids, blood doping), because everyone knows if you change your body chemistry, you change strength, reaction times and ultimately, how it performs.

Ask any Medical Doctor or Research Scientist, diseases such as Parkinsons, Alzheimers, both direct results from changes and imbalances in a person’s body chemistry.

Politicians are exactly the same as you and me…human.  Their body is exposed to the same ravages and pitfalls that make up life.  The only worrying factor is they’re making decisions for our health, wealth and prosperity and they’re doing it being exposed to the same problems that we face every day.  Being tired, run down, sick or even hungover.  I put it to you, and bring this full circle, that it’s crucial a politician has their body working as well as it possibly can be, that their body chemistry is as balanced as possible.

This is how Chiropractic will help a politician…better.  Everyone knows your brain and spinal cord control your body.  They do this through the Nerve System that branches off the spinal cord, connecting the brain and spinal cord to all the glands and organs in your body.  The glands and organs are responsible for controlling your body chemistry, and your body chemistry, as we’ve seen above, controls every aspect of how your body functions and performs.

The skull is protected by almost solid bone.  The spinal cord however, is protected by 24 moveable pieces of bone.  What could happen to the Nerve System if one of your vertebrae were to become stuck or misaligned, to subluxate as compared to the others?  The vertebrae are supposed to be protecting those nerves, but as documented in the research, the weight of a dime, just 2.2 grams, resting upon a Nerve is enough to decrease its firing capacity by 40-60%!

If 2.2 grams is enough to decrease the functioning of your Nerves by 40-60%, what impact could a vertebrae, solid bone, be doing if it was impinging on a Nerve?  Would the glands and organs work better or worse?  Would your body chemistry become unstable as a result?  What would that do on every level for how your body is MEANT to be functioning?

So Chiropractic exists to remove that interference to your life expression.  To adjust that vertebrae and help bring it back into correct alignment, resulting in less pressure on your Nerve System.  Science already tells us that Vertebral Subluxation, this very specific type of trauma, can occur during the birth delivery process, falls when young, right through to poor posture in adulthood.  Logically deduced, a body with a poor Nerve supply will ALWAYS work worse than a body with a good Nerve supply.

I don’t even want to order a pizza from some poor person who’s subluxated!  It means on the most basic of levels, that because they were subluxated, my pizza was not made as well as it could have been, had the person been unsubluxated.

So please, won’t YOU help us save a politician?  Write in and tell them!  Your health, our prosperity, our future, is on the line!

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